Wellbeing relates to the emotional, physical, cognitive, social and spiritual dimensions within the person. Factors contributing to poor wellbeing are nutrition, declining physical activity and access to early intervention needed to optimise equitable childhood health and learning outcomes.

Our Wellbeing Program aims to increase student wellbeing by reducing barriers to educational engagement. Our approach is to provide resources, times & tools to create a safe connected learning community, building a positive learning environment where students, ENCOUNTER, ACHIEVE AND FLOURISH. With the support of the Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst our Wellbeing Officer uses the following five pillars to guide the school’s program.

  • Partnership - Effective family and community partnerships
  • Support - Wellbeing and support for positive behaviour
  • Leadership - Visible leadership to inspire positive school communities
  • Inclusion - Inclusive and connected school culture
  • Student Voice - Authentic student participation

Presently, the program incorporates mixed age groups of 6-7 students visiting the residents at the local care centre (MPS Centre). They engage in conversation and with activities such as card and board games. Alternatively they visit the local preschool centre reading and interacting to support the preschools daily schedule.

An initiative that will continue is a regular Wellbeing week for the whole school. Walk and Talk activities, healthy lunchbox days, fresh fruit and vegetables supplied daily, a whole school day excursion to nearby sites, no homework for the week and the staff were excused from the regular staff meeting.

These are just some initiatives, of many planned, to foster wellbeing throughout the school.