School Profile

St John’s is a Catholic School situated in Baradine. We are in the Parish of St Lawrence’s, Coonabarabran and administered by the Diocese of Bathurst.

All schools are directly responsible to the Bishop. Our School Manager is the Parish Priest based in Coonabarabran. The Diocesan Catholic Education Office is situated in Bathurst with a subsidiary office in Dubbo.

Baradine is situated geographically in North Western NSW with a population of approx. 600. The town relies on the rural and service industries to sustain its economy.

Children attending St John’s come from rural and town families. These children travel on one of the 3 buses, walk, ride bikes or are driven to school by parents. Being a small community, families are known by everyone and associate a lot together.

Classrooms, Tutor area and a Storage/Photocopy room are situated in the main school building. A Canteen and Creative Arts room are located to the north of the main school building. The Secretary and Principal’s Office, Staff -Room, Library and Music Room situated in "The Convent" building.

There are three educational streams at St John’s - Early Stage 1 and Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.

The Parent Community is very supportive of the school. Parents are comprised of some semi-professional workers. There are a large percentage of single income families. A small number rely on government support.

For information about the school and diocesan sport, the CEDB Sport Community website link is:


Parish Priest: Fr Francis
Principal/Learning Support/REC: Margaret McKinnon
Primary Teacher 5/6: Kim Tym
Primary Teacher 3/4: Benjamin Hjort
Infants Teacher: Anna King
Release: Louise Deans
State Action Plan: Carmel Munns
Music Program: Sarah Henley
Teacher Assistant: Judith Hayman
Kindergarten Assistant: Melissa Johnston
Secretary: Raeleen Mason
Cleaner: Kay Crawley